Spring Fling Week

We are approaching Easter and are so thrilled to have our annual "New Life" Easter celebration.  We have so many fun things planned for this event, so we invite you all to come and spend this special time with your child.  If you cannot make it, no worries; we love taking photos of your precious little ones!!!

Our times this week for Spring Fling are as follows:

Tuesday, April 15th

Wednesday, April 16th

Thursday, April17th

We look forward to seeing you this week!  As a reminder, please bring the specified amount of filled eggs for your child's class day, along with your child's Easter basket or bag labeled with his/her name on it.

Our Easter Egg Hunt will be at 11:30 on each class day and will be located on the Owl/Bluebird Playground.

Portraits will be arriving for your viewing  on the following days this week:
Tuesday, April 15th, 9:00-11:00
Wednesday, April 16th, 9:00-1:00
Thursday, April, 17th, 9:00-12:30 

Teddy Bear Portraits will have a table set up outside for viewing.  You may purchase packages at this time.  They will accept cash, check, or credit.

This week in the Bluebird Class we will focus on Easter, and New Life.  We loved sharing the resurrection eggs with the children and want to focus on celebrating this glorious week, knowing that our Lord and Savior is Risen.  

Sand and Water: Dirt, flowers, snakes, bugs, shovels, mini rakes, cups for filling and planting flowers.
Sensory Table: Making colored macaroni necklaces, using yarn.
Blocks: Giant Bugs, Blocks.
Art: Spring Flowers, using Koush balls to paint with.
Circle: Jelly bean flannel board game to focus on number correspondence and colors. The Easter Story, Bible Verse, "Behold, I make all things new." Revelation 21:5.

This is an exciting week full of fun! We are so in love with each and every Bluebird and are so proud of them all! Thank you as always for sharing your little ones with us each week.

 We want to remind you as the weather continues to get hotter, we will offer more water centers and will therefore need more changes of clothes.  Please note as well, to apply bug spray and sunscreen before school if needed. We look forward to this week!!!

Bluebirds This Week

This week we will be introducing our theme for the month, which will center around Spring, new life, insects, and our nursery rhyme, Mary, Mary How Contrary. 

Our Bible Verse for the month is "Behold, I Make all Things New." Revelation 21:5. 

There are so many wonderful opportunities to learn about new life around us as we discover butterflies, ladybugs, and worms.  We will also be planting bean seeds and bedding flowers on the playground to water and watch grow.  God has blessed us with the beauty of nature, and we want to instill the love of His creation as Spring unfolds.

With the warmer weather brings sun and our enemy, the mosquito! We ask that you make sure your little ones are protected by applying creams before school. 

Also, with warmer weather we will be offering water centers everyday.  Please make sure your child has a couple of changes of clothes.  We love the water!!

Centers This Week:
Sand Table: Potting soil, Easter grass, shovels, mini rakes, snakes, insects, and worms.
Water Table: Easter eggs, turkey basters, Easter figures, bubbles.  
Block Center: Giant insects, Foam blocks, connecting loops.
Home Living: Easter baskets, eggs, bunnies, bunny ears.
Writing Center: Colored chalk, chalk boards, Easter stickers and paper.
Discovery: Insects and magnifying glasses.
Art: Chick handprints, Easter bonnets (made from paper, adding various items).
Circle: The Easter Story, 5 Little Jellybeans, Bible Verse.

Thank you for sharing your amazing little ones with us as always.  We have fallen so in love with each and every one of our Bluebirds and look forward to watching them continue to learn and grow!  
Road Rally

It is once again time for our annual Road Rally where the children will bring their favorite riding toy, scooter, or bike up for a scheduled time to ride around our rally track.  
We look forward to seeing all the Bluebirds racing around the track this week!  A few reminders as we get ready for this event, we want to keep our Bluebirds safe.  Please send in a labeled bike helmet along with your child's favorite riding toy. Closed-toe shoes are recommended for your little one's toes.  
We will have a spot outside, in front of the office for Bluebird parking.  Please feel free to drop your child and his/her riding toy and helmet in carline or if you would rather, walk your child's riding toy up and park it under the designated area.  Again, we ask that you label your child's riding toy and helmet to avoid any confusion.
We invite you to join us for this fun event! Our times are as follows:
Tuesday, March 18th
Wednesday, March 19th
Friday, March 21st

Centers offered this month:
Water Table: Carwash with small cars, bubbles and scrub brushes.
Sand Table: Gravel pit, with trucks, tractors, gravel, and scoops.
Block Center: Cars,  blocks, car garage, building links.
Home Living: Community helper costumes, mirror, babies and pretend cooking play.
Circle: Car, truck, train, airplane books.  The train song. Bible Verse, "God is with you wherever you go." Color and shape review.
 Art: Making mud tracks with cars and brown paint and cars. 

We look forward to all the fun this month!!!
Go Texan Week Is Here!

We are so excited for our upcoming week!  This is such a special time as we celebrate all things Texas!  We have enjoyed this month of Valentines, Loving our friends and now, Rodeo.

This month we have enjoyed sensory play with hearts, red pasta, play-doh, and pink cornstarch goo.  Such fun!  We will continue to focus on our Bible Verse, "Love One Another." 1John 4:7, as we share s'mores around a pretend campfire.  

Sensory Table: 
Blue rice, red pasta, tin pie pans, horses, cows.

Water Table:
Hay, Rodeo animals.

Block Center:
Farm, animals, foam blocks.

Bluebonnet art, using blue paint, white paint, popcorn, and pantyhose.

Home Living:
Bandanas, cowboy hats, pretend cowboy coffee pot for campfire, pretend campfire.

Our Rodeo Days will be, Feb. 25th, 26th, and Friday, the 28th.

We will have our pretend Rodeo on the side yard with Ms. Betty, our motor movement teacher. She has so many fun mock rodeo things planned for the children.  We look forward to seeing all of the fun western wear this week!

Parent Teacher Conferences This Week
We are all so excited to meet with each and every one of you to discuss your child's development and how special each and every child is to us.  We look forward to meeting with you this week.  
Conferences are scheduled for Tuesday, February 4, Wednesday, February 5, and Thursday, February 6.  School will be closed to normal classes on those days, as we want to devote time to each and every parent to discuss and praise your sweet little ones! 
 We ask that if you possibly can, not to bring your child with you.  If you can work out trading off with another mommy for a few minutes, that would be ideal; but if not, we will have an area set up for play for your children.  We want to make this day as easy on you as possible.

We will have classes on Monday, February 3rd and that will be our make-up pajama day, as we missed this event due to school closings.
We will have regular classes on Friday, February 7th and will introduce our new Bible Verse, "Love One Another", 1 John 4:7.  We will also work on our bulletin board, decorating it with hearts, doilies, stickers, and red paint.  This is the time of year where we focus on loving one another, so we will be working together to show ways of loving our friends.

Sensory Tables: Red and pink pasta, with hearts and glitter.
Water Table: Fishing nets, pink foam hearts to catch.
Blocks: Connecting people (for friends), hearts to stack.
Home Living: Cupcake tins for baking, sharing heart cookie shapes, mailbox, paper and stamps for delivering mail to friends.
Writing Center: Paper and stamps to give to friends.
Books: Mouse's Valentine, Guess How Much I Love You, I Am Special (song), Hickory, Dickory Dock Nursery Rhyme.
Art: Painting with red, making a special card for Mom and Dad.
We love this time of year as it focuses on the love of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and gives us a chance to show that love to your sweet little ones.  Thank you for all that you do and for allowing us the privilege of teaching your children.

Pajama Days are Here!!

This week we will enjoy our annual pajama days on your child's class day: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  We will be enjoying the fun of making pancakes and the best part; eating them!!!  Please send your child in his/her pajamas with tennis shoes or other closed-toe-shoes as we will still play on the playground.  Of course a change of clothes is always recommended as we still have accidents and get wet from the various sensory tables offered.

We will be reading If You Give a Pig a Pancake  and mixing red and white to make pink to paint a pig shape.  So fun!! We love this event and look forward to seeing all the fun pajamas this week!

Sensory Table: Pretend snow, flour, cornstarch, felt snowmen, snowmen figures, scoops and sifters.
Water Table: Ice cubes, mittens.
Home Living: Muffin tins, potholders, aprons, cookie shapes.
Blocks: Foam blocks, snowmen, cars and trucks.
Writing: Chalk, stickers, paper and crayons.
Circle: Snowy Day, If You Give a Pig a Pancake, Five Little Snowmen Flannel Board.

As a reminder, if you have not signed up for a conference time, please stop by and jot down a time as we will be sending out reminders this week.  If you have not signed up, a time will be assigned to you.  Thank you again for all of your sweet little ones each week!!!
Bluebird Conferences are Coming

This week in the Bluebird class we will continue to explore snow, ice, and our nursery rhyme, The Three Little Kittens.

Sensory Table: Flour, cornstarch, sparkle snow, scoops and tins.
Water Table: Ice, food coloring, mittens.
Science/Math: Making snow.
Art: Snowflake hand prints
Blocks: Magnet boards, blocks, snowballs to stack
Circle: The Three Little Kittens, 5 Little Snowmen flannel board. Bible verse, "With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26

We will have our first Motor Movement class of the New Year this week, along with resuming our regular Chapel Schedule.

As a reminder, please continue to label all items as we still have some lost items.  

We have come so far this school year and watching the Bluebirds grow and change has been such a privilege for us. 
We will have our mid-year conferences on February 4,5,6.  The sign up sheets are on the bulletin board outside of our door.  Please come in and sign up for a time on your child's class day.  If you have scheduling problems with sibling's times, etc., please stop by and we will try and resolve them. 

Due to conferences on these days, school will be closed.  
We look forward to meeting with each and every one of you!